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Throw Pillow Beige Camel (PD9GR1)

Camel deisgn pillow on Beige.

Camels in India can be seen in north western states. Pushkar ka Mela is the world’s largest camel fairs  held in the town of Pushkar in the state of Rajasthan, India. With only 200,000 Camels left poplulation is plummitting, making it to the endangered species list.

Throw Pillow 18×18 inches

  • 18×18 inches
  • Includes both printed pillowcase and inside pillow.
  • Pillowcase: 100% polyester
  • Pillow Insert: Resilient polyester filling retains shape
  • Pillowcase: Machine washable
  • Pillow insert: handwash only
  • Concealed zipper
  • Individually cut and sewn in LA

These throw pillows are 100% made – cut, sewn and printed – right here in California.  Price includes both the printed pillowcase and inside pillow.


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